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If you like playing Candy Crush Saga you'll love this latest game from King.com
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Farm Heroes Saga is a very similar game with a few twists.
Instead of candies Farm Heroes Saga uses fruits and vegetables to switch around and some levels have a raccoon called Rancid who you have to defeat by throwing fruit at him!

On the right of this site you will find level guide videos and on the left will be hints and tips and help for playing this game as well as others.

Sound effects are fun and still make me smile after completing the whole 70 levels available at the time of writing.

If you are waiting for new levels in Candy Crush, or just fancy a new twist to the game play Farm Heroes Saga by clicking on the image below..

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Collect Spiders

What do the spiders do on Farm heroes Saga?
The spiders can be a bit tricky to collect, depending on where they are and how many webs they can jump to..
On the levels with spiders look around the board to see how many empty webs there are, if any. These are the places the spider can jump to before you can collect it and get it off the board.
When you begin a spider level, she will be sitting on her web surrounded by cropsies covered in webs. 
To open the webs that are covering the crops you need to match the web covered crops with at least 2 more of the same colour. Once the web is removed the next time you match next to the spider she will either leave the board and be counted as one of your crops, or she will jump to an empty web, where she will weave her webs around the surrounding crops and you have to start again removing the webs and matching next to her. 
On some levels she will only have one web to jump to but on others she may have 2 or 3 more, which makes life more difficult! 
The spider can be helpful on some levels.. Where there are slime covered squares near the top of the board, getting a spider into the slime, providing she has a web there, will block the mouldy crops in her web and prevent them from falling, so you can collect the good crops.

Farm Heroes Saga Level 272

How to pass level 272 Farm Heroes

Another spider level but this time the board is divided in 2 halves. Although water is not one of the required crops, it is helpful in unlocking the spider webs. 
Work in the bottom to unlock the spider if you can, but mostly you will work in the top half, releasing water and controlling the countdown crops. 
Use shovels to open the webs if you can make a good match. Look carefully around the spider webs before every move so you don't miss chances to release her.
Video below.
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